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Kitchen hygiene should remain a top priority for anyone operating in the food service industry. Contamination in such areas provides a health and fire risk to the public, there are multiple recorded and publicised incidences of disasters occurring due to kitchen grease fires. 
Recently a local pub had been taken over by new ownership and as part of it had inherited a kitchen that was in desperate need of cleaning before it would be suitable for serving the public. ACS cleaning conducted a site survey and discovered that grease contamination was severe and fire safety dampeners had been jammed open! 
Our deep cleaning team swooped in and used a rotary brush duct cleaning system to clean right through the length of the ducting. We also cleaned their commercial ovens, kitchen surfaces right down to the floor itself. 
Once cleaned, the areas are inspected and a TR-19 Certificate Issued demonstrating that the cleaning has been conducted as according to BESA standards. 
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