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ACS Schools & Care Homes Cleaners  

25 years of cleaning expertise 

When you are caring for people you want to provide a happy safe environment for them. We provide you with peace of mind as our teams clean, descale and sanitise your school or care home to the highest possible cleaning standards. 
Our high-level and washroom deep cleaning services are available for schools & care homes in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and, Northamptonshire. Whatever your cleaning requirements, ACS Cleaners can provide tailored solutions to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Periodic Deep Cleaning Service 

If you are managing a school or care home, you will want to ensure you are providing a hygienic washroom environment for people in your care and their visitors. 
Daily cleaning is essential to remove surface dirt and is important to provide a clean and tidy washroom environment. However, this type of cleaning doesn’t prevent the build-up of limescale on taps and shower heads – and even floors, which can encapsulate germs and, in the case of shower heads, Legionnaires disease (when used infrequently). 
ACS Cleaners will thoroughly clean and descale all sanitary ware, utilities, walls, flooring and equipment to remove ingrained bacteria. This, in turn, will not only reduce the risk of infection and unpleasant odours; but prolongs the life of the amenities. 

High-level Cleaning Service 

It can be difficult to keep high-level areas clean. It requires trained experts, specialist equipment and chemicals to ensure that the essential cleaning is carried out in a safe and controlled manner. 
In doing so you will be containing the build-up of dust and, therefore, reducing contamination. This is especially important in the food and hygiene facilities where the risk of infection caused by contamination can be costly if high-level cleaning is not carried out. 
High level cleaning environments include 
Swimming pools 
Stair wells 
Commercial kitchens 
We are fully trained to work at height as all our cleaning operatives are access platform trained and licensed. 
If you would like to know more about our school and care home cleaning services or for specialist cleaning advice then call us on 
01933 652053 or click here to contact us 
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